Akira Mukai,President
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for many customers who kept us manufacturing slitter machines since 1950. This time, we are very pleased to have an opportunity to announce the new product which can accomplish to do UNIFORM COIL REWINDING. To make the uniform coil rewinding machine has been considered to be the dream in the slitter and rewinding machine business. However, now we can offer you the state-of-the-art technological innovation,THE UNIFORM COIL REWINDER which product name is SA (Sunshine Ace) as the first manufacturer in the world. By installing this UNIFORM COIL REWINDER SA in your production line, the considerable amount of cost reduction will be expected based on manufacturing the high quality coil products in the stable condition. The reasons are:
1.All the coils will be rewound without slackening because of the automatic and independent adjusting system.
2.Full automatic coil manufacturing work after the set-up will reduce man power.
3.No possibility to make a scratch on the coil gives you the stability of good quality and no defect in the products.
4.The cost of the entire slitter machine installation will be reduced considerably, because the pit and the tension pad are no longer necessary.
5.The installation area will be reduced by 60% in our comparison.
In this slitter and rewinding machine, the unit of UNIFORM COIL REWINDER SA will be available for improving your production lines. It will be quite useful for the machine processing expensive material, such as copper alloy, metals for plating, aluminum, stainless steel, brass etc.
Many types of slittier machines are shown in this Web Site. We will be more than happy to have your consideration of purchasing these machines.